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Decisive hand in a 5$ 9-max SNG heads-up

I was running really good throughout this Sit’n’Go and the effective stack (my opponent’s) was a bit over 31 big blinds. I had 8,1k in chips (a bit over 48BB’s) when I look down at pocket sixes on a button. I … Continue reading

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Steven Wilson is a genius

I’ve been a huge fan of Porcupine Tree for years, yet I’ve only very recently immersed myself to the solo project of Mr. Wilson. All I can say is that the guy is a genius. From Insurgentes to the latest … Continue reading

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Poker as a “semi-job”

First of all, I’m a social bum. Yes, I live by the money social services pay me monthly – this is not a big sum, but it’s enough to just survive. Why aren’t I looking for a job you may … Continue reading

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My new writing adventure

So, I decided to create an outlet for for writing any random thoughts and ramblings I might have, this is it. I mostly play poker, video games and listen to lots of different kind of music – so that’s what … Continue reading

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