Poker as a “semi-job”

First of all, I’m a social bum. Yes, I live by the money social services pay me monthly – this is not a big sum, but it’s enough to just survive. Why aren’t I looking for a job you may ask? Well, it’s a long story and I’m not going into huge detail here. Let’s just say that I’m not fit to work, especially bodily work. And I don’t have any education apart from elementary school, which I also flunked pretty bad.

Anyway, I started playing poker for a fun years ago and I was (am) very bad, ranging from losing to break-even at most. Lately I’ve been trying to take poker seriously and see it as a job, trying to make any extra income I can.  This is not saying much, I play in so small stakes and don’t multi-table more than 2 tables so the hourly rate is low. But, like I said, any extra income is more than welcome and because I’m a social bum without a job, focusing on poker as a job is something I like to do. It’s better than nothing.

I usually play Sit’n’gos and spend at least 6 hours – usually more – grinding the tables. I’m slowly improving but I’m still no way near good enough to make steady income. But hey, that’s not the point for me – as long as I’m able to make anything on top of my measly social service income I’m more than happy. And apart from the monetary side, poker is teaching me mathemathics and financial management, which can’t be anything but good. I’m taking rigorous statistics of my poker income (or lack of on certain days). I’m taking poker as a job, not as a hobby anymore.


So yeah, since I started documenting everything (1.12.2015) rigorously with this software called Hold’em Manager 2, the net income graph is actually going up pretty nicely. Slowly sure, but it’s still going up. I’ve learned to be disciplined when it comes to poker, folding hands I’ve never would’ve in the past. I’m studying and reading about poker more than ever. Things are looking good.


Thank you, poker!


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