Decisive hand in a 5$ 9-max SNG heads-up

I was running really good throughout this Sit’n’Go and the effective stack (my opponent’s) was a bit over 31 big blinds. I had 8,1k in chips (a bit over 48BB’s) when I look down at pocket sixes on a button. I make it 2,5xBB and my opponent calls.

Flop comes 5d-2s-3c and my opponent checks to me. I bet around 2/3rd of the pot and then the villain snaps re-raise all-in. This is the part I’m not sure if I should call, but call I did – I’m not exactly sure if it was a right decision. He could’ve flopped a wheel (for 6-high straight I hold two blockers so that’s unlikely) or any set. He could also have 77 or 88, although I feel he should’ve shoved with those preflop.

So, using Poker’s Equilab I construct a range (probably a pretty bad range, because I’m not very good with ranges yet) for him. I include 77-99, 22-55, A2-A6, Q5-Q4, K5-K4, 64-54s, 78 and then couple of possible but not extremely probable bluffs like KQ-KJ and QJ.

Against this range I would have slightly over 64% equity, pot odds are 1.43:1 (41%). Was it a call or a fold? I’m still not sure. Anyway, I call as mentioned and opponent flips over 95o for a top-pair so I’m a bit over 4-to-1 favourite. Turn is a great card for me, 3 of spades and I’m now almost 9-to-1 favourite. Well, river comes 9 of diamonds and I lose a huge part of my stack and I wasn’t able to come back. Second place for 12,15$ (5$ SNG).

Was it a call? I’m leaning towards calling but as I’m not that seasoned poker player I can’t say for sure. In the end, I can’t be too sad about the decision. Let’s just go to the next SNG. 🙂


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