I have moved!

On 06.06.2016 I finally moved to a new apartment. And boy do I love this apartment. 31 squares is fine and dandy for me, especially as there is a glassed/enclosed balcony and a friggin’ OWN shower! My fucking own shower! Why is this a big deal? The apartment where I lived past 10 and a half years didn’t have a in-apartment shower, so I had to use the public one in the sauna… yeah, this new apartment is like a blessing to me!

It’s absolutely beautiful thing to move to a pristine apartment and do everything within your power to keep the place clean and tidy. I love it!

Other things: I still have a month of “kuntouttava työtoiminta” (some type of group course to rehabilitate and prepare you for future work life I guess) and I just learned yesterday, that once this particular “course” is done, you can continue doing stuff in this place (TST Ry, which means Unemployed of Turku pretty much) so my future seems relatively bright at the moment. 🙂 All is good, as they say.

Alright, that’s it for now!


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