I’m a 34-year old finn who has had problems all his life – heavy substance abuse earlier and lately alcoholism. For the substance abuse, that is now in the past – I’ve been in a methadone maintenance program for years now, haven’t touched anything since the treatment started. Or well, I do enjoy occasional puff of ganja but that’s a completely different thing and doesn’t interfere with anything. The alcohol does, though – I actually hate drinking beer, have to constantly take a piss and it doesn’t even make me feel that good. So why do I still drink it? I have no clue… I’ve been hugely addictive person for my whole life. I’ve decided to start tapering off the beers slowly and if that doesn’t work, I’ll check myself in a rehab facility. Anyway, let’s move on from that shitty subject, shall we?

I absolutely love – and can’t live without – music. I listen to all kinds of music from metal and progressive rock to psychedelic trance, goa and anything in between. Only criterion I have is that I have to like the music (shocker, I know!!). My most favourite musical ensembles are Shpongle, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Porcupine Tree & Steven Wilson‘s solo material and Ozric Tentacles to name a few. Shpongle is completely in it’s own world (or dimension, rather), Simon Posford & Raja Ram have produced something absolutely magical over the years. My favourite Shpongle album is their debut one, Are You Shpongled? – it’s such a trip, the album is mixed masterfully and is overwhelmingly blissful, beautiful and profound. The epic 20min masterpiece And the Day Turned to Night, that ends the album, is one of the best psybient pieces ever produced, in my opinion.

I’m currently trying to make some extra income (I’m a social bum, after all) playing poker. It’s slow-going, but from 1st of December 2015 to this day, I’ve been able to make 363€ net profit by playing small-stake (3$ to 5$) 9-max SNG’s. This is obviously not very impressive but for me it’s awesome; I currently have a 350$ bankroll at 888 and 90€ on RedKings (I rarely play there anymore, I was able to withdraw 300 euros from there a while back, nice little influx of income).

I don’t even expect anyone to stumble here and find this blog. 😀 I haven’t advertised or mentioned it at all anywhere. Like I said, this is just an outlet for my thoughts or whatever I feel like writing.


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